Anonymous asked:

if u dont mind me asking, what is your process for coloring? like what types of layers do you use? also, do you prefer vlc for screencaps for gifs or kmplayer? :]

lastisle answered:

i’ve answered this a couple times anon~ and its hard to explain bc it changes a lot depending on what kind of lighting/coloring the original caps already have. but i always start out with curves. trying to get the right kind of brightness/shadow or lack there of, that i want is always what i go for first (and i usually like brighter/few shadow spots). i try to do that all with curves. then i usually play around with some color fills (most of the time set to ‘soft light’), i like pastel colors/tones (pink-ish, beige, light red/green/blue) or grey-ish/bw. and then also play around with the opacity/fill of those. then i usually always add a vibrance filter and a plain b/w filter (also set to soft light and low opacity/fill) so i can get a more “faded color” effect. that’s usually the most common filters i use and the order i try to go in. but it really depends on the lighting of whatever it is im editing. in between the color fills sometimes you might also need a filter of color balance to get a more ‘neutral’ or to get a specific color to stand out/isolate it. if u come off anon and ask me about a particular cap, i might be able to help u more. oh, and i have both km and vlc, but for capping i prefer km :))